Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Knitted Jewellery

I have been a knitter now for about 5 years. I remember my Nan teaching me to crochet and my mum teaching me to knit when I was younger but it wasn't until I started my PhD that I decided I needed something calming to do in the evens.

I have knitted with yarn, as you would expect but when I attended the Christmas Crafts exhibition at the NEC a few years a go did I ever think ti knit with other string like materials. I bought a kit to knit a green wired bracelet and immediately loved knitting with wire.

It can be a bit sore on you fingers when you start but after a while you get used to the tension and it's not quite so rough. Knitting jewellery is great fun, not only can you get some fantastic variety of wire and cord, no bracelet looks the same once you add beads.

I've used straight needles to knit bracelets and more recently I have used a knitting doll. Yes one of those tubes with four nails in the top!

 They produce a great effect!

This bracelet was made using copper coloured wire and green glass beads ->

The photo below shows a pink wire bracelet with pink glass beads.

This bracelet was made with cotton cord with white, clear and plastic beads.

All of these bracelets are available to buy in my Etsy Shop. If you would like a particular colour I can also make to order.