Friday, 15 August 2014

Travel Crafting

I currently live and work in Glasgow but my boyfriend, CP, still lives and works in Leeds, where we met. This is only a temporary arrangement - if you can call three years temporary. I am very grateful that CP seems to do most of the traveling. Five hours sitting on a train isn't the nicest way to spend Friday and Sunday evenings but when it is my turn to travel I find this the ideal time to do some crafting. 

It's not easy finding portable crafting, I find it tends to be knitting, sewing or a sketch book, not that I can draw! Today I have my sewing with me, getting some more work done on my Christmas decorations. I admit they are not the most traditional of colours for the festive period but I will see if someone else does if they are sold! What do you think? Maybe leave me a little comment below :-)


It only took me between Glasgow and Carlisle to do one side so hopefully I can get the other one done further down the line. 

I seem to have sat at the artistic table as the girl opposite me is applying henna to her hands. Hats off to her I couldn't do something that needs a steady hand on the tilting trains. 

Nearly at Preston now where I change to the Manchester train.

Happy crafting

Kate x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I attend a craft meetup (Glasgow Craftaholics) every month  and since February we have been doing an ATC swap.I hadn't heard of ATC (Artist Trading Card) before the first swap and since then I have been hooked.

If you have no idea what I am talking about an ATC is a 2.5" x 3.5" piece of card on which you decorate, a bit like a card topper. These cards are then swapped for other crafter's ATCs. Swaps can have a theme whether its the technique you are using, colour or subject. There are lots of websites that can give you more details but I find the Go Make Something has the best description and of course Pinterest always has lot of inspiration.

I sometimes find it a bit daunting if when I sit down to craft and I have a 6" x 6" piece of card in front of me. It's a big area to fill especially if you are trying a new technique. However, with an ATC the area is just big enough to try someting out without being huge. They are  also a lot easier to transport if you want to take some crafty bits to do while you are not at home.

If I have won you over to giving them a go and do not have a crafty community to swap you cards with there are lots of blogs and forums that run swaps. I have taken part in the ones on the Trimcraft and the Docrafts formus. Everyone is really friendly so join up and have a go!