Thursday, 19 November 2015

Clarity November Challenge

Part of the reason I wanted to start my blog was to take part in crafty challenges andhere is my first entry for the Clarity Stamp Challenge.

The theme is 'Clean and Simple' and I thought the Groovi plate system was perfect for this.  

First I used the letter squares and letters on the Groovi Plate Mate to write 'Merry Christmas'. As with stamping you always want to start with the thing you want in the foreground. I then added the holly boarder from the Deer Christmas Plate.

My white work is something I need to improve but I think parchment craft really needs it.  I decided to use some white work to hightlight the corner of the letter boxes to make them look frosty. I am really pleased with how it turned out! 

After adding a bit of colour using Spectrum Noir pencils I mounted the parchment on some blue sugar paper. Unfortunately most of my craft stuff is in boxes either ready to bemoved to Leeds or already in Leeds! I really need to find something a bit sturdier than sugar paper to mount this on before it gets shipped off to it's recipient. A good excuse for a trip to the craft shop I think!!

Wish me luck!

Happy crafting,

Katie x

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Steam Punk Fun

Ok, so my blog was something I really wanted to get going. But a number of really poor excuses meant it has become neglected. So here I am. Lets try again.

The start of 2016 for me means the start of a new job, moving back to my beloved Leeds and moving in with my man. But those are whole different topics that will not be discussed today! My new working hours and not spending 10 hours on a train every other weekend hopefully mean more time to create and write. Something I am very much looking forwarded to!

I have a great crafting family up in Glasgow and I am hoping I can expand this family with a few crafty friends in Leeds. Recently Kraftyhands has opened up a store walking distance from my house and they have some fantastic workshops! Chris and I attended a workshop at the weekend to make a Steam Punk Mixed Media Machine. Here are the results: what do you think?

Steam Punk Mixed Media Machine

 Mike and Ian, who run the wonderful Kraftyhands, were so welcoming and it was a great day! To think this was formed from a box, curtain rings, a CD, somethings plumbers use that I can't remember the name of and a plastic test tube!! Ian has an amazing imagination. He has recently published a book, Alternative Technologies, showcasing his steam punk creations - it is definitely worth a look if you love steam punk. 

I can't wait to see what future workshops have in store for us. I think I might be spending a lot of time at Kraftyhands :) 

Katie x