Monday, 26 September 2016

Pattern testing - Spooky Spiders

I have a sewing machine. My mum gave it to me when she decided she didn't  use it enough. Years went by and I had a sewing machine I didn't use enough. Nothing deserves to be locked up in a carry case for that long. So I went on a mission.

In an attempt to get myself more acquainted with my machine I went on a quest for some fun but simple patterns and came across the spectacular Jessica at Sweetbriar Sisters. Have a mosey on over and you will see a magical button - pattern testers!

After a peak on that tab and seeing the words "very beginners" I signed up. Not long after I had an email asking to pattern test Fiona the Fairy Princess.She was more complicated than anything I had ever attempted before but Jessica's patterns are very well written and very easy to follow! Since then I have pattern tested a few of Jessica's patterns - the most recent being her Spooky Spiders that will be appearing on her website soon.

I decided to try a baby spider. In hindsight I should have gone for Mama Spider as I think her legs would have been less fiddly - something to remember in the future. Beginner = big things easier!!

I found the legs to be the most complicated thing - to sew and to join on to the body. And it being a spider there were 8 of them to contend with. But after watching hours of Debbie Shore on Hochanda I told myself to take it slow. It's not a race... But I'm still going to have to research how to sew in circles. Pointed toes for baby spider this time!

Spot the essential crafting accessory in the background...

And here is the adorable Baby Spider:

Of course I had to find a way of getting buttons on him and I didn't have any safety eyes.

I just love the way his little legs sit, they give him a definite cheeky character.

A big thank you to Jessica for letting newbie and less experienced sewers have a go at pattern testing. I love having a go and all of Jessica's patterns are fab. I can't wait to see what she has in store next time!

Stay crafty,

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