Sunday, 15 May 2016

Mini-One Workshop

I have found  a lovely little treasure box about 2 miles from my house in the form of Kraftyhands. I first found out about this gem of a shop when my mum sent me an email about their open day when I still lived in Glasgow, and would you believe it the Open Day was on a weekend I was visiting Leeds. Yippee!

So off I went with Mr P. The shop is small but has a brilliant stock of papers, mixed media ingredients and craft CDs and the best bit? There is enough room for a couple of tables where the brilliant minds of Mike and Ian can teach the craft curious a multitude of different workshops. I have now attended a few workshops from Steam Punk designs by Ian to art journal techniques and ideas with Mike (who has a fantastic blog and YouTube channel).

This blog post will concentrate on the brilliant mind of Ian (Mike will get his turn soon!), the owner of Verne Industries and the fantastic workshop Mr P and I attended this weekend to make our very own Mini-Ones!

This is what we were presented with when we arrived:

Interesting right?! (please note how well we are looked after at Kraftyhands - biscuits in the background!)

With Ian's patient and easy teaching style we set off painting bits and assembling our box of goodies.  We even had a little plumbing lesson - I can cut copper pipe and have the blister to prove it!

It was difficult to see how all the bits would fit together but slowly all the components of the lil man start to appear. The eye and knees have LEDs on them so a a bit of wiring was required.

And suddenly he was together!

These photos are a little fuzzy as they were taken on my phone but I will take better ones soon, and a little video of his flashing eye and knees :)

If you like this Mini-One, have a look at the creations on the Verne Industries website. Ian designs and makes all of these wonderful machines. You can find Ian and his creations at Steam Punk Fairs across Northern England and he even takes commissions if you fancy treating yourself!


  1. Katie this is amazing. So well done.

  2. Oh wow! I actually squealed when I saw this!!!! So clever!!!! Well done!!!