Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Zombie Apocalypse

My little pin cushion is one of my favourite makes. He is called Derek.

Early last year I was very excited to receive and order for 16 of the little rascals from the Costume Supervisor of The Walking Dead. Now I have to be clear - She was ordering them personally and I sadly have not been endorsed by the programme!

This lovely customer wanted them as a wrap present for her crew. Lets just hope my stitching skills were up to scratch... Never did I think my work would be flying over to be greeted by professional seamstresses.

If you would like your very own little zombie pin cushion you can find them in my Etsy store.

Then I started thinking about the zombie fans out there that may not want a pincushion but still wanted something useful. So I am proud to present my new zombie key rings!

This is Gus!
I've been busy beavering away, making a stock of these in different colours. A couple have been sent off to IG friends and now the remaining need to be photographed (hopefully with better lighting than those above!) and uploaded to my shop.

I love the way he looks like he is holding the keys. Makes me smile :)

Happy crafting,
Katie :)

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