Saturday, 21 May 2016

Spinning Adventures

A couple of weeks ago I went on an adventure to Cumbria with my friend, Jennie, to have a go at spinning. I follow a lot of hand spinners on Instagram and I love the colourful skeins produced. So I thought I would have a go myself!

The class was taught by Elaine at her home near Grange over Sands. She was wonderfully welcoming and a very patient teacher - which was definitely needed! With just four people in the class there was plenty of opportunities to get one to one help and rescued from tangles!

The lesson included what to look for when buying a fleece, how to prepare the fleece and then we were let loose with some fleece and a spinner! First of all we tried a drop spindle while we got to grips with drafting the fleece. I found the drop spindle difficult to handle and could have done with a second pair of hands! 

Then it was time to have ago on a wheel! 

I was seated a a modern looking double treadle wheel. We were guided through setting it up and then away we went! We spun threads of two different fleeces and then plied them. It certainly gave me the appreciation of hand spun yarn. It's challenging and must take months if not years to get up to the standard that can be sold! 

If you fancy a go, details of Elaine's workshops can be found here.

I now have itchy fingers for a spinning wheel but space is tight with all the rest of my crafting supplies... Unless anyone knows of one going for a good price ;)

Happy crafting 

Katie x

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